Combine to Landscape?

Hello, this is my first post.

I've searched and found no answer for this issue I have.

My aim is to get a bunch of PDFs and try to combine them all together in landscape mode. I've combine them all through Visual Basic for Applications within Access, but the problem I seem to have is that they all come out like Portrait when all of them are Landscape.

I've looked through the coptions lists provided in this webpage but can't seem to find an answer, or a setting for it.

Thank you, any help appreciated.


Have you tried PDF Sam?  It works great for combining PDFs Splitting, rotating etc.  Seperate tool bit a great tool.




Exactly, if I do it manually it prints out OK, but the problem is that I want to do it via code, I want to be able to change to portrait or landscape via code but I can't seem to find the setting inside PDFcreator Object.

Any ideas?


 Up!!! Anyone?

 Hiya doing,

No I haven't tried it. We have this software in our company and the IT department is very tough in changing from one package to another, they have everything under control and we cannot go changing all the time.

Same with the browser, only until recently they allowed us to use Chrome rather than IE.

Any actual answers to my question?

Thank you.

 Noone? Any help?

This sounds to me like a problem with the scripts creating the files, moreso than with PDFCreator.

In your web browser on this page, go to file, print, page setup.  Select landscape.  Then print a test pdf.  I just did it to double check and for me it printed in landscape just fine.

If the same is true for you, that would lead me to believe that your program is telling PDFCreator to print the files Portrait.