Combining lots of PDFs

Sometimes I have to combine several PDFs and this is always a tedious job:

- each PDF has to be added individually

- as PDF creator doesn't remember the last directory, I have to drill down to my target directory each time

- as PDF creator uses .ps as default for the filetype in the Open menu, I have to switch to "all files" each time.

- drag and drop the files in the Print Monitor window is not supported

In case I haven't missed something, please add the following wishes to the wish list:

- make "Add" accept more than one file at the same time

- make pdf and ps the default filetypes

- make Add remember the last used directory

- and that would be really great: support dropping files in the Print Monitor Window

When done, release version 1.0 :-)

Thanks ...



Did you ever try "PDFToolkit Builder"

I think, it has nearly all your wanted features.

Never heard of it before.Will check it.

Thanks for the pointer.