Command line conversion, all documents in a folder

Using the /PF command I can get PDFCreator to convert all documents in a folder, however the resulting files are named using the time/datestamp rather than the original file name. 

This is part of a batch process, when PDFCreator exits that triggers the next step, and that next step needs to have predictable filenames to work with so I need the filenames to be the same as the original RTF document names.

I've diddled with the autosave settings and can't seem to find a configuration that just says "leave the filenames alone!"

What am I missing? 




I am using the script convert2pdf.vbs from pdfcreators com-subdirectory instead.

This uses the autosave parameters from Pdfcreator' s settings. There I have only .

The inputname is 256111.rtf and the output is in the folder named in autosave options as 256111.pdf.

Maybe that helps.