Command Line not working

I have used PDFCreator for year via the Print method, but have recently tried to pdf a file from the command line.

This is the line I am running from a batch file:

"C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\pdfcreator.exe" /IF"c:\\temp\\InstNotRpt.rtf" /OF"c:\\temp\\InstNotRpt.pdf"


There are no errors, but not output file either. I have tried different file types, but with no luck.

To I have to configure something somewhere first?




rtf is not allowed as input format.

From the help file:


Convert a postscript file or a bitmap file (JPEG, BM) to a PDF or bitmap. The /OF parameter must be used in conjunction with the /IF parameter. To set the output file format, include the file extension in the output file name. There is NO space between the parameters and the file names. The parameter /OutputSubFormat defines the subformat. Currently "PDF/A-1b" and ""PDF/X" can be used for the PDF format.
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\\" /OF"C:\\description.pdf" /OutputSubFormat"PDF/A-1b"
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\\" /OF"C:\\description.tif"
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\\image1.jpg" /OF"C:\\image1.pdf"
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\\image1.bmp" /OF"C:\\image1.png"