Command line print only?

PDFCreator Plus 2.1.  I am running Office Automation to have Access97 control printing in Word97.  Since I’m not able to use the COM with VBA, I have to temporarily change the default printer in Word to my PDFCreator printer for the conversion.  This prevents usng the Print action for hardcopy.  In addition, I have some pdf docs that need multiple printed copies.  Is PDFCreator using Ghostscript to print or is it something native?  I looked at the gs docs, but don’t see a way to print using the default printer.  Looking for command line or shell example to print pdf.  AcroRd32.exe has the nasty, won’t close when done problem.

May or may not be helpful to your needs (your question is a bit confusing) but here is how I print from command line using PDFCreator:

1. Set default printer to PDFCreator:

  rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /y /n "PDFCreator"

2. Invoke print task on the document to be printed:

  classexec filename --action print --ifexec

Thank you for responding.  Sorry my question wasn’t clear to you.  Guess I was trying to say why I couldn’t just use the after conversion print action.  I finally gave in & just called Adobe Reader for printing.


yes Ghostscript is used for the print action.
You need to tell Ghostscript which printer to use, it doesn’t have a function to print to the default printer (afaik). 
Alternatively I can recommend using SumatraPDF for the printing, it is a very lightweigt viewer with the ability to print silently through a command line.

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The error occurs the first time you try to print a document, just at that moment try to print it again and it works.