Command line

I need some help getting started using the command line interface.

I need to print to the PDF printer and have it automatically create a pdf in a specific location without user input.



Hi, you might be able to accomplish what you are trying to do with a "macro" of some sort. I pressume, if you are using PDFCreator, that you have it set as your default printer? If so, just remember to change printer selections when you are trying to actually print

I tried a program called Macro Express (<-- Google it), that made creating macros simple. Though I've been a feelance web developer and did some serious dabbling in JavaScript. However, when it came to Macros, I'd never "had to" create one. I wanted to learn, but it kind of slpped onto the list of "things to do..." I finally found a program and still have very little use for them (personally that is).

However, macros did come to mind as a potential solution when I read your question. Sorry I couldn't help more, but possibly pointed the problem toward a solution. Good luck ;)!