Commandline conversion

I want convert a folder full of word document files to PDF files.  I want to call the pdfcreator in commandline to do this I use vb script.  The vbscript loop thru the folder and get the doc files and convert the same .  What is the commnad line syntax for the same.  I tried the following, but does not work.

pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\\test.doc" /OF"C:\\test.pdf"

In the help document it is gvien only for PS file. That said, it llooks pdfcreator will convert only ps document to pdf in commndline code.

Any help is appreciated.





Print a file with the standard program linking with the extension of the file. In general, this option is useful in connection with Auto-Save mode. It is not possible to use this parameter in conjunction with the /OF parameter. There is NO space between the parameter and the file name.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /PF"C:\help.doc"
You can also use wildcards to create PDF’s of all documents in a specified folder.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /PF"C:\*.doc"



using this command line recursively in subdirectories, how define destination directory = current directory ? i didn’t find  option like Output directory. Thanks