Commandline conversion


I have some staff who are using PDFCreator to convert PDFs into a format that’s readable by an archaic program that can’t handle something in PDFs created by Acrobat, but CAN handle the output of the PDFCreator print driver. So they’re opening PDFs, printing them out to another PDF, and sending those along to the program.

I’d like to automate this; PDFCreator’s documentation says that /printfile= will specify which document to convert, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to make it completely silent and automatic. Suggestions?

I have the same Problem.
/PrintFile="C:\Temp\TestData\TIFF to PDF Imagemagick\normal.pdf" /OutputFile="C:\Temp\TestData\TIFF to PDF Imagemagick\pdfa2b.pdf" /PrinterName="pdfa2b"

What's the sense of a CLI if you need to press some Button?


PDFCreator will use the profile settings of the profile associated with your "pdfa2b" printer.
If this is set to an interactive workflow, you will need to press some buttons, but changing it to automatic will remove any need of interaction.

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