Convert pdf files to jpg files

I have many pdf files in a folder. I want to be able to convert these pdf files to jpg files (600 dpi) and save them. I would like to create a macro within Word 2010 to do this. If I cannot do that, then I could use this product, but I want to use a button to execute it and have it done via the com interface. Also, if I have many different folders which contain different pdf files, can I create many buttons/macros to go against the various folders and convert the pdf files?
If I were in Word 2010 and could create a macro, then for each document that creates the pdf files, then I could create a macro to conver the pdf files, that I have just created to jpg files.
Can someone plz help and give me some direction on this? Thanx in advance.



you can find some VBA examples in the COM scripts folder located in the PDFCreator installation directory, in general everything you described should be possible.

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I apologize, I cannot find them. Can you point me there?


After installing, I can find them. When I run the conversion to jpg, it is aborting
in the following location of the macro:

MsgBox "Converting under ""JpegGuid"" conversion profile"
printJob.ConvertTo (fullPath)

The printjob.converto command line is where it stops. I check the value of fullpath and it does have the current folder & filename.jpg. Can someone plz let me know what I am doing wrong or do not have set properly?

The error message is: 'Error while copying the output file (28200).

This issue can be closed. I needed to write to a different location and it works great.

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