Converting Excel to PDF from command line

Hi I would like to convert automatically from command line:

.\PDFCreator.exe /PrintFile=“C:\Users\kk199\Downloads\data\test.xlsx” /OutputFile=“e:\test222.pdf” /ManagePrintJobs /PrinterName=”PDFCreator Printer” /InitializeSettings

But the file won’t be saved automatically and I have to save it manually in the opened PDFCreator dialog.
I tried to set automatic mode in profiles but now nothing is happening. I am using version 3.
How do I do wrong?


I am not sure if this is the cause of the issue, but please try leaving out /InitializeSettings as this isn’t required and might actually overwrite the automatic saving after you activated it in the profile settings.
Actually, the following line should be enough:
.\PDFCreator.exe /PrintFile=“C:\Users\kk199\Downloads\data\test.xlsx” /OutputFile=“e:\test222.pdf”

Best regards


Hi, I tried this way as well, but sucessless

Perhaps it is a problem with finding the “print”/“print to” shell verbs in the registry, do you get a “convert with PDFCreator” and “print” entry in the context menu if you right click onto a .xlsx file in the Windows explorer?

I have the option convert with PDFCreator. I think the problem is more with PDFCreator. Maybe there is some issue, when I want to convert without confirmation dialog.