Converting TIFF to PDF: TIFF file may be too big to open

I'm using PDFCreator 3.5.1 (free) to convert TIFF files to PDF. One file appears to be too big to open either right clicking in Windows Explorer (and selecting "Convert with PDFCreator"), or starting PDFCreator and dong a drag-n-drop. The file size is 751 MB (787,699,003 bytes). A similar file with a size of 262 MB (275,616,946 bytes) works exactly as expected.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



Hi Mark,

when using the right click or drag&drop methods, PDFCreator will print the file from the default application for printing tiff files on your machine to its own virtual printer.
You could try to first open the file in any application and then print it to the virtual PDFCreator printer from there.

Best regards


Mornin, Robin!

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I do appreciate it!

Currently I'm using PDFCreator only to convert a tiff file to a pdf file. Technically that's might be "printing", but I'm not sure. The total process is once I have the tiff file open as a pdf, save it, Once saved I then reference it into a CAD file.

The process usually takes a couple of minutes until I ran into the 751Mb file. At the time it seemed nothing was happening which led me to think I hit a wall as to what PDFCreator (especially when using the free version) was capable of handling.

This morning I noticed when opening the tiff file with Windows Photo Viewer, the current file (which is 879Mb) took a few mintues to open. That led me to try opening it with PDFCreator, and pulling up Task Manager to have a glance at what might be running.

I can't past a screen shot (I think), but PDR Architect 7 is running in the background and processing something. The stats say it's 9.9% CPU, and 979.1 MB (and counting) in Memory.

I'm being patient ad watching what happens.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for you help!




Your suggestion worked! After opening the file in Photo Viewer and printing it, it was defaulting to PDFCreator. It was much faster, taking into account the time to open it in Photo Viewer, then right clicking on the file.

By the way, It hasn't changed the stats in Task Manager: PDF Architect 7 is still chugging away.

Thanks again for your help!


Hi Mark,

I believe, that PDFCreator might be set up to open saved PDFs with PDF Architect. Please check here:

Kind regards