Copy file to Hot Folder does nothing

Our process copies a file to the Hot Folder while it is started. The powerpoint presentation is associated with the PPTVIEW.EXE (Powerpoint Viewer). Nothing happens.

If I manually print to the Hot Folder (clicking the print dialog) it works as expected. We need to bypass the print dialog of course.

Is copying the file enough? If I run PPTVIEW from commandline I always get the print dialog. What am I doing wrong, or not doing.

Would be nice to actually have a POC sample to work from.



basically, for this to work the associated application needs to have some command for printing silently, which needs to be associated with the “print” or “print to” command for that type of file in the registry. It works here with POWERPNT.EXE /pt “%2” “%3” “%4” “%1” , perhaps the Powerpoint Viewer doesn’t support silent command line printing. You could try running PPTVIEW.exe /PT “PrinterName” “” “” “MyFile.pptx” (the empty quotes might be needed or not, depending on your version) from the command line to find out if it support silent printing. If it does, modifying the command in the registry should solve the problem.

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Thanks Robin,
The PPTVIEW.EXE does not support the printto “/PT” switch on the command line, only “/P” to send to the default printer. Apparently it also does not support silent printing either, as the /P switch always throws the print dialog.