Copy & Paste Problem


we use a Truetype Font named Garamond (W1) for creating PDF Documents by PDFCreator.

In the old PDF Printer, before usage of PDFCreator, you were able to mark and copy Text to the Pasteboard and paste the marked Text in Word, during display with Adobe Reader.

In Documents created with PDFCreator, the Pasteboard pastes kryptic symbols. Optical the Documente look identical.

Garamond (W1) is embedded and the encoding is "user specific".

What can i do?


Rainer Eisel


has nobody an idea? When i print directly on the PDF-X-Change 4.0 Pdfprinter, the same Font is embedded with Encoding Ansi and Copy&Paste is possible. This mst be an configuration issue with the PDFCreator.

Please help!

Kind Regards