Crash on print when empty "Title Replacement" entry configured

Discovered a bug with PDFCreator 2.1.2 with the “Title Replacement”
feature. If you add a blank title replacement by pressing the “+”
button, this happens:

1. Go into Application Settings
2. Go to Title/Title Replacement tab
3. Pres the “+” button to add an entry
4. Blank entry is added is added at bottom of list
5. Press Save
6. The Save option does not warn you that you have a blank entry
7. The Save option commits a blank title replacement entry
8. Any time you try and print (e.g. the Test Page option on the Debug tab), PDFCreator crashes

solve the problem, highlight the blank Title Replacement entry and
press “Delete” and then save the change, at this point PDFCreator no
longer crashes with printing.


thanks for reporting, this was reproducible and will be fixed soon.

best regards,