Create a PDF /A from PDF

I'm new here. I'm interested in PDF Creator project, more precisely into create a PDF /A from PDF. How can I do it? Is there a way to make it from server side object?



Yes, pdfcreator can make a PDF into PDF/A, however pdfcreator only supports PDF/A-1b, which means it doesn't support creating tagged PDFs.  This means if any of your PDFs are tagged, you will be losing that in the resulting PDF/A.

Remember, pdfcreator only intercepts print jobs. This means that whatever document format you have, it is being internally converted to XPS when you print it and before pdfcreator uses Ghostscript to turn it into a PDF (or PDF/A).  This strips out any tagging that used to be in the file - pdfcreator cannot know what sort of structure the document used to have.

For what you are doing, you would be better served by software that can edit a PDF.