Create multiple PDFs from one file

Is there a way to have PDFCreator make x-number copies of a multiple page file? I tired to print multiple copies of the file and it just makes one PDF with all of the pages together. I would like to print a 2 page file and tell it to print 2 copies and have it create 2 2page PDFs rather than 1 4 page PDF. Is this possible?


if you always need exactly 2 Documents, you could create a second PDFCreator printer and have your existing PDFCreator printer automatically print to the second one, this way you will always end up with 2 copies. (Actually you could choose between 2 Documents and 1, if you only need 1 you can then print directly to the second printer).



I need the ability to choose how many ‘copies’ of the document I need at the time as it is always different, depending on the document.