Create PDF with PDFCreator - DOES NOT EXIST

The instructions state:

Method 5: Windows Explorer

1. Right click on any document and select Create PDF with PDFCreator.

Sadly, the Create PDF with PDFCreator option does not exist in the popup window. 

Under the Options:

General Settings 2 - Shell integration - Integrate PDFCreator into shell (radio button)

But Create PDF with PDFCreator still does not exist.

Uninstalled, scrubbed my registry and directories, ensuring all traces of PDFCreator are removed, then reinstalled PDFCreator and Create PDF with PDFCreator does not exist. 

I understand PDFCreator is supposed to work under Windowx XP and I am using SP3 (up to date).

What is the problem with this software?


During the installation(s), Create an entry in the Windows Explorer context menu was checked and, as mentioned above, this entry does not exist when I right click on any DWG file.  However, it does show up with TXT files. 

I want to know if PDFCreator does what its name suggests, create a PDF from a DWG file?

In this specific case, I want to create a PDF from an AutoCAD DWG file. 

Printing is not a priority at this time.