Create profile for all users on Terminal Server

Hi there,

how can I create a profile that is available for all users of a computer? We're using Windows Terminal Server 2000 and have a dozen of users.

Is there a way to share the profiles among the users so that we don't have to install them individually? I know that I can save and load profiles manually. But this is not the handiest way and its error-prone. What I would love to see is something like an option to share a profile with all users. Or is there any other way to accomplish this?

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I have similar problem, but do not want to use provided solution...

I Tried to do the same using HKLM instead of HCU\\.Default. In that case nobody can change settings.

The problem is, that it is not possible to use key for assiging a profile for a specific printer for all users:





This setting does not apply (CustomPrinter still uses Default profile) and only works in place of HKCU hive. If existing users already have profiles, then there is no use of putting those settings under HCU\\.Default either.

I am using version 1.0. Is there any other way for managing all from HKLM?

Hi Frank,

first off - thanks for your reply!

To be honest I'm not that much interested in using preview version in a productive environment. But I found another solution which works pretty well:

I created a new printer and used the PDFCreator port for it. Then in the port configuration I added the OptionsFile option and pointed it to a local profile INI-file. So this printer always uses this profile and this for all users on the terminal server.


Try the preview of version 1.0 and use profiles at HKU\\.Default\\Software\\PDFCreator.

(Create a profile with PDFcreator. Export it using regedit.exe. Than replace the hkcu strings and import it.)

I hope this helps.

Hi Johannes,

I would like to use this method also. Could you please provide me details on the printer setup as well as the contents of the ini file.

Thanks, Russell

Hi Russel!

First, you create the INI file using the PDFCreator. For this create a new profile in the PDFCreator and save it to the place of your choice.

Second, you go to your systems printers and start the new printer wizard.

* Choose to create a local printer

* Choose to create a new port and select "PDFCreator". Name it to your choice of name.

* Choose some printer, for example the Apple Color LW 12/660 PS.

* Name it to your choice of name.

After creating it open its properties and go to the ports tab. Select your new created port and open its configuration.

* Set the redirection to the PDFSpool.exe in the PDFCreator installation directory.

* As arguments insert the following string:



<p>Note that it's important to have no space between the optionsfile argument and the profiles path.</p><p>That's it. Now just print to the new created printer and it will use the stored config file.</p><p>Johannes</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

There is a way.

before installing pdfcreator in terminal server or in my case it was xenapp server (doesn't matter if you plan to install in regular or server mode) in cmd run "change user /install" and then install the program, create new printers, create new profiles, link them together and then i did cmd-> "change user /execute" and restart. After that it's working.