Create single pdf from multiple jpg

Is it possible to create a single pdf from multiple jpg's with each jpg starting a new page?

Frank, thanks for the info. The function 'combine' was what I was looking for. Long time ago I did this.

Off course I'm willing to support you to be a beta-tester. You can send me the link. I've to do several of the mentioned conversion the next week(-s). So that makes it a live test for your development.

Of course is this possible with PDFCreator. Print each JPEG using the PDFCreator printer, click on Wait\\Collect and then use the Document\\Combine function.

But in mine opinion the best tool for this problem is our new tool "pdfforge Images2PDF" which doesn't need a printer or so. You can convert each image also multipage tiffs to pdf files. If you want be a first tester I can send you link.

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I have a large group of JPG files collected from site field inspections in a mid-Western US state which I need to consolidate and compress somewhat into a single PDF per inspection. The details of the raw JPG do not need to be preserved so some shrinkage is permissible. Ideally, I would put 4 to 6 per page in landscape. So a typical inspection would generate a 3 or 4 page pdf or reasonable size. This means about 140K single images would be come ~4100 pdf files.

As might be expected, this needs to be done iteratively within a recursive batch program. IN my case, I want to use Powershell to traverse the hierarchy and do this, presumably invoking your program for each set of files ( or even better, having it load and sit idle and watch for images to appear in a work queue...)

Please advise if a) Images2PDF can do this job, and b) if you would like me to serve as a tester. I am a PDFCreator licensee.

This is somewhat urgent so a prompt response is hugely appreciated.

Do I get a prize for the latest reply to a topic, ever?

Hi Allen,

Images2PDF can produce one page per image only and has no template function like 4 or 8 images per page. Sadly I can't offer a quick solution. With a Word template and a VBA macro you can surely do it. But we don't have the resources to develop this in parallel to the PDFCreator programming.

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