Creating pdf from command line


I am trying to create *.pdf from command line via Pdf Creator 1.7.3.

pdfcreator.exe /IF"s:\\testpdf\\test.doc" /OF"s:\\testpdf\\test.pdf"

but the result is still the same. I am still geting empty pdf document (blank page).

Can anybody help me?  

W7 x64


I think you need to use the /PF command but if that doesn’t work please check the help file.

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Thank you for answer, but /PF command doesn’t do anythig. Just run pdfcreator.exe

Sorry, it is /PF “full file path”.

You will need an application capable of printing the given filetype.
The /IF /OF method only works for .ps and some image types.
If this doesn’t work, there is probably something wrong, in which case I’d recommend to uninstall, reboot and reinstall.