Creating pdf from service


i have written one service that sends some documents to pdf printer. it all works well on my xp development machine but on our server2008 machine it does not. I have found a thread related to service in this forum but it did not help me. Here is what i have found:

-when my service is installed as local system, before sending documents to pdf printer i start from the service the pdfcreator itself; server2008 shows the popup that my service wants to interact with me; when i accept that popup pdfcreator informs me that Pdfcreator path can not be found (this message shows just once); i have tried to add PdfCreator folder in various places without luck

how can i set the temp folder for "local system" account, or where it does point?

i have tried to set the service to belong to a specified user (the temp folder should be c:\\users\\xxx\\appdata\\local\\temp\\) but the pdf is not still generating even if i have created pdfcreator folder within.

i suspect that if i resolve that i might print to pdf from service

next what i am not sure is if i should start pdfcreator from inside the service? i would say it is not necessary.

thanks for any help


i think i have managed to print from service on pdf. from the service i am launching my test application with CreateProcessAs.

i have read the setting section of pdfcreator i i have tried to add registry to hklm, since it should be the most important settings, but did not work. only after i have launched my application with createprocessas the things have gone ok.

also it seems that pdfcreator should be active inside the servis: i.e. from service i launch testApp with CreateProcessAs, then testApp starts pdfcreator and only then i print to pdf.

hope someone finds usefeull this info