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The clock chimed 12.Get - up - pull - pull! The coach arrival. Car coach at the gate of the city to a halt. It sit 12 people, no empty place, all seats are accounted for."Congratulations!" House, because we are happy new year. Then just lift a full cup of wine, and intend to toast to celebrate the New Year."I wish you a happy New Year and health. "I wish you to marry a beautiful wife, make a lot of money, what the sad thing and troublesome thing!"Yes, this is everyone's hope. We bumped each other cups. Town outside the parked coach, which sat unfamiliar guests - 12 passengers.Who are these people? They are with a passport and luggage. Indeed, they bring give you gave me and give the gift of all the people of the town. These strange passenger and man? They do what? What have they brought?"Good morning!" Sentinels of the city gate."Good morning!" Sentinel replied, because the clock has struck Custom Nike Dunks twelve."What is your name? What are you doing career?" Sentinel asked the first to get off."Look at the words on the passport!" Said the man. "I am me!" He was wearing a bearskin coat and leather boots, looking down like a great man. "Many people pin their hopes on me. Me tomorrow, I will give you a real New Year's gift. My the alms child and silver throw, I am also a party - a full 31 ball. more night than this, I can Teng out of my boat has been frozen live, but my office is warm and comfortable. I'm a businessman; My name is 'January' to me only carrying documents. "Then the second person to get off. He is a happy friend, the boss of a theater, make-up dancing as well as you can imagine all the host of entertainment. His luggage was a vat."In the carnival, I can from the inside to change out ① The cat is also a good thing to," he said. "I ask them happy, also called happy. The shortest people in my one of my life. I have only 28 days! Sometimes people give me extra day, but it is no great shakes. Black friends!""Please do not shout," Sentinel said."Of course I can shout," said the man. "I am the prince of the carnival, under the name of the 'February' to travel around."Now the third person to get off. He was the epitome of a vegetarian God ②. His arrogance, because of his kinship with the "40 Knight", he was also a weather prophet. But this is not a fat job, so he very much in favor of abstinence from meat. Stuck in a bunch of violets in his Custom Nike Dunks button-hole, but the flowers are very small children.'March', walking up ③! "Fourth person in the back shouted, pushing him a bit. "Walking up! Walking up went the sentry room off to where there are mixed Jiuchi! I have to smell the aroma!But this is not true, he just fooled him nothing ④ The fourth passenger is to fool the people of his activities. His appearance seems quite happy, not to do things, always a holiday.① Denmark in ancient times a game off to a cat in a bucket, then the bucket with a rope hanging in the trees. Knocked the bucket, until the barrel cracking the cat pull out.The ② fasting is a ritual in the Christian, often at Easter, which is held in March. Fasting period a total of 40 days. 4O days in the Danish legend called "40 Knight Day".③ It is a word game. Marts (March) and Marsch (marching), the pronunciation of this word is almost, but the meaning is completely different.④ because April 1st is "April Fool"."Cheap Nike Dunks I'm with the person's mood changes," he said, "it rains today, tomorrow the sun. I help people dry to move out of the move into work. I move an agent, is a funeral parlor business. I can cry. able to laugh my suitcase filled with a lot of summer clothes, but now they wear but also a bit silly.