Custom Page Size no longer works

MS Word...Print...PDF Creator...Properties...Advanced...Page Size... there used to be a Custom Page Size option which has been replaced by a Postscript Custom Page Size Option (with recently 1.4.0-added Edit PS Custom Page Size button that doesn't fit in the window), but it prints in A4 size no matter what is selected.  Even tried associating pdf Creator with PS files, tried short edge first.

I have a MSWord document 5.5"x3.5" and it used to print to pdf without problem.

Has anybody else had problems with Custom Sizes?  All stored sizes work without any issues.  Windows Vista Pro.

I'm using Win 7, 64bit and my "properties" dialog button for Chief Architect no longer works to bring up the sizing window. Hence, I can only make PDF's of my "C" sized drawings at "letter" size, but into 6 sections.  Even the PDF menu I can adjust for that setting does not work.

I'll need to grab a copy of the older version. This one is inferior.

I went back to 1.2.3 from last year but the problem persists.  They must have a component in their installation suite that doesn't go back to the older versions.

I agree, PDF Architect has no function and is a real step backwards.  Too bad, it's been a good product for 5 years+.


have you checked the faq?

Word documents with custom page size are converted in default size


Frank -

The FAQ you linked to says "To create new paper formats, they have to be created under Printer->Server settings."  However, I don't see any "Server settings" option in the Printer menu of the main application (Start > all > PDFCreator > PDFCreator > Printer) , nor is there a "Servers" section in the Printer > Options window.  Could you be more explicit about how to find the settings dialog you are referring to about creating new paper formats?

I installed PDFCreator version 1.4.0 tonight; was hoping it would fix the inability to set default size to something other than A4, but it appears it hasn't.  Setting Printer > options > document > document properties 2 > use fixed size := letter doesn't cause the printer dialog in either FireFox or IE to use letter as a default size (they always open with A4 as the setting), even after restarting those programs.  MS Word's printer dialog does use letter, but it doesn't change that when I change 'use fixed size' to something else.  So none of the programs are picking up the page size from whereever "use fixed size" is putting it.  Do you have any other suggestions for setting the defaul paper size to something the user wants?  It would seem the inability to set default page size should get added to the known issues list on the what's new page.

For the record, I'm running win7 home premium service pack 1, 64 bit, FIrefox 12.0, IE 9, MS Word 2010.

Thanks, Mike



you can define your own custom paper formats using the windows print management (control panel->administrative tools->print management)

If you want to use the "Postscript Custom Page Size",  you will need to set the size from the windows control panel and press apply (right-click on the pdf creator printer and choose printing preferences ->advanced). If you set it while printing, it will only work temporarly for the 1 document you are printing (usefull if you want to change the size a lot).

Using PDFCreator´s built in page size settings cuts off everything exceeding the set paper size or adds margins if the document is smaller then the chosen paper size.







the problem is translating the Microsoft specific expressions from german to english, "control panel" could also be called "system control", to describe it in words: it is the place where you can configure all your settings. To avoid these problems in future, i will setup an English Windows.





Frank and Robin, while you are obviously trying to be helpful, your replies are not user friendly. As prior user said, there is no printer server setting (at least not accessible to the common user) so that is not good information. Similarly, there is no control panel>administrative tools>print management in my setup which is Windows 7 64 Home Premium, so that is also not helpful.


"you will need to set the size from the windows control panel" -- what is that and how does an ordinary user get to it??


"(right-click on the pdf creator printer and choose printing preferences ->advanced). If you set it while printing, it will only work temporarly for the 1 document you are printing" -- no, this does not work, not even for one document print

Please help in user friendly language. This is a huge issue as we can't and don't always print in letter size paper and the program used to handle this much more easily.



OK.  I’m having the same problem.

I have PDF Creator 1.6.2 installed
Click Start > Devices and Printers >Print Server Properties (at top of page)
Checked Create New Form and edited custom sizes

My new form (Banner 20x4) is now there.  However, it does not appear in the drop down list when I try to print from Inkscape or Open Office - nor do many of the other forms defined under Print Server Properties.

When in an application, I click Print > select PDF Creator > Preferences… or Properties… as appropriate > Advanced > Paper Output - Paper Size to select my custom paper size.

I have tried rebooting , uninstalling and reinstalling the software etc.  All without success.

What steps am I missing?  This used to be so easy.

PS OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit SP1 + all updates. I, too, tried reverting to v1.2.3, also without success

Is this a Ghostscript issue?  I just tried BullZip and have the same symptoms


could you test if it works when you set your custom format to be the printers default format?