Custom Page Sizes

 I have created a document in MS Word which is 308mm wide x 154mm high. I need to convert this to a pdf to send it to my printer.

Your support section says "By default, PDFCreator only knows the paper formats that are created when it is installed. If a custom format is defined in Word, PDFCreator does not recognize it and thus Word will use the default page size.

To create new paper formats, they have to be created under Printer->Server settings. There you can create name and dimensions of the format. Aftwards, you can use it in Word."

I can't find any reference to printer > server settings anywhere on my computer. Are you able to give me more step by step instructions on how to set up a custom page size so that I can create my pdf in the right size? I'm using windows vista and have only just downloaded your pdf converter so assume it is therefore the most up to date version.

keeping my fingers crossed




there is a little mistake in the FAQs, it´s Print Management (at least for Windows 7, probably the same as in Vista), not Printer, will correct that now.