Custom paper size broken?

Like others who have posted here before, I cannot get custom paper sizes to work correctly - in my case from MS Word 2007 in XP SP3.


I have set a custom paper size of '4 1/8 in x 9 1/2 in' for an envelope at print time in the 'Print' dialog's 'Properties - Advanced - Postscript Custom Page Size' section. I have also tried changing the 'Document Properties' section in the PDFCreator options window at print time by clicking PDFCreator's 'Options' button, and before printing by changing the same section from the 'Control Panel - Printers - PDFCreator - Options' menu item.


The resulting pdf does not correspond to the custom paper size. It always has a size of 8.26in x 11.69in according to the pdf's Properties information.


I found the section in this site's FAQ that says: "To create new paper formats, they have to be created under Printer->Server settings. There you can create name and dimensions of the format. Aftwards, you can use it in Word."


I don't know which operating system that person is using but I haven't been able to find any 'Printer-Server settings' anywhere in XP, so the FAQ doesn't help. If anyone can make these directions clearer I would appreciate it.


Each of the forum posts I've found about this issue seems to be unresolved, so should I take it that the custom paper size option is broken in PDFCreator in XP?