Custom paper size

I’m currently using the 2.0.1 version of pdfcreator. (windows 7)

what i am trying to accomplish is to print (from autocad) a custom page size pdf.
this faq word-documents-with-custom-page-size-are-converted-in-default-size doesn’t really help me, since i don’t know how to reach this famous "Print Management->Server settings"
can anyone give me some advice?
(for example let say i want to have a custom paper of 1200 mm x 1450 mm)

I’ve now realized that the print management is the windows print management, (where you see the devices and printers). Right click, advanced, make new postscript page.

Is it famous:)? If you still have the link to the original post I will gladly add Windows to make it more clear. Sorry for causing confusion, the description is really a bit inaccurate.

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