Cyrrilic and Chinese Symbol in Stampstring via COM Interface


i use the PDFCreator 1.7.2 and try to set a stamp / watermark in my document. I do this via C# and the COM Interface (cOptions.StampString). This works fine for every Western style font but not for Russian (Cyrrilic) or Chinese. Debugging my code, i can see that the cyrillic or chinese symbols are actually written into the cOptions.StampString, but within the resulting PDF file all symbols of the stamp are shown as "?"-signs.

I tried to stop right before the PDF is created, opened the PDFCreator Options and tried to set the "Script" to "Cyrillic", which had no effect (also the "Script" is not accesible via the COM Interface).

In Generall all other text within the PDF is shown correctly, that is cyrillic /chinese symbols are  basically displayed in the document, except in the stamp/watermark.

Is there any possibility to use cyrillic or chinese symbols for the StampString, when setting it via COM Interface in C# ?

Thanks in advance...


we will have a look at this, it still seems to be a problem (bug) in the current version.
I am afraid there is nothing you can do from your end.

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