Default Paper size Headache

I'd like to keep PDFcreator as my default printer, but unnfortuately this causes problems when I have to use another printer.  PDFcreator's default paper size is A4, something we don't have much of here in the US.  When I go to print this default paper size sticks around and when I send a job to a printer it halts waiting for A4 paper.  I can work around this by setting a printer to my default but I would really appreciate if I could set PDFcreators default paper to letter (8.5 x 11) / legal paper instead of a4.  Alas the "use fixed paper size would not detect the difference between letter and legal documents

I believe this is a bug in the installation process of pdfcreator.

Even though PDFCreator’s options may be set to “letter”, windows’s printer options for the pdfcreator printer are set to A4 when pdfcreator installs the “printer.”

To fix this (path for win xp): control panel > printers and faxes > pdfcreator > printer > printing preferences > advanced > paper size > .