Desactivate welcome screen at first launch


There is a way to disable this screen at first launch (via regedit or an ini file for example) ?
I don't want that my users see this popup.

Thanks !

No idea ?
I haven’t find a solution for the moment.


I haven’t actually tested this, so it might not work.

You could try exporting this from the registry on a computer that has already opened pdfcreator:

and then importing it before they open pdfcreator for the first time with a batch script or something? Just an idea.


Good idea !
WIth your help, I have find this key :
“LatestWelcomeVersion”=“v3.2.0 Build 11758”

That the only difference between before launching PDFCreator and after I have seen the welcome screen :slight_smile:

Nice! Glad I could be of some assistance and glad you figured it out!