Dialog box for file name during EMAIL does not appear


After installation of release 2.2.1, the dialog box for the file name during email has disappeared.
Before, selecting "email", I had a dialog where I could change the file name of the PDF. Now,the rogram goes directly to the email message with the default file name.
Is it possible to stop in the dialog box exactly as when you select "Save" instead of "Email"?

I happen the same. I had to revert to version 2.1. Please fix it


this was changed intentionally, as a lot of users asked for a method for sending the PDF by mail “without saving it to the local computer” (of course it is still temporarily created there).
You can still get back to the old behavior with a small work arround:
Create a new profile e.g. “Save and Mail”. In this profile, enable the “open email client” action.
When printing to this profile, you can use the save button to select the filename and save location, hte email client will open automatically afterwards with the PDF attached.
You can also create a separate PDFCreator printer for this profile, so you can chose the workflow directly by selecting which printer to print to.

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Thank you, this is PERFECT!!!