Digital signature questions

Is it possible to not show the folwing text?

  • - Digitally signed by
  • - Reason:
  • - Location:

Is it also possible to add an image of the signature instead of the checkmark?

Is it possible to set the signature after for example "Kind regards," in a Word-document?

Thanks in advance!

I've managed to get rid of the text "Reason" and "Location", but my other questions are still standing.

If it is possible, can someone give me some sample-code? I've got no programming practice what so ever and I need it for my internship.

Thanks in advance!

Okee, I've managed to set de signature at a specific place, but not after a field in Word.

But my question about the checkmark still stands and I've got a new question. Is it posible to disable the labels, so only your name and teh date is visible in the signature?

Thanks again!

How can you get rid the text "Reason" and "Location"