Direct printing without demand screen

I’m urgently looking for a way to print directly with file/folder choice.
(not auto save, because here is only stored in a fixed directory possible)

You probably ask yourself why this is needed.

Answer: If the demand screen appears after printing and you just merely want to print a PDF file (without changing the title, creation date, modification date, or the very important topic or keywords)

happen this:

The Save button is selected by default. If you then press Return to Windows 7, the current selection is cleared in the program in which you are in at this time, because the demand screen is in the front, but the keyboard focus is in the application. This is a problem with programs without undo function.

So please please please, provide a way through configuration to suppress the demand screen and go direct to the file/folder selection (same as you click on the save button).

I don’t need to modify the the title,the creation date, the modification date,… i just want to print into a pdf file

Thank you!