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I to am pretty pissed off about the AD's showing up on the system tray. I paid for PDF Architect 3 Pro and several modules. I am running a clean install of Windows 10 and no other versions installed. Yes I am running an older version but that is because it meets my needs. I have been thinking about upgrading to a newer version but now I am not sure if I want to if this is how you treat your customers, I just can't see myself doing it. I read in other post that you can disabled this from happening but why should we have to do that, why force something on someone who paid for your software? This should be disabled by default. PLUS why are you even putting an AD on my computer?? . I surely do not know what your developers or marketing department were thinking when they did this. I do not have the "disable the notifications" in options so I disabled the "PDF Architect Manager" services and see if this helps.

It might be about time you guys go back to your "Terms of Service" and modify the below section because you broke your agreement with me your customer. It also says on your content NOT your computer!

Also, since I am a believer in "If there is a broke process or a process that needs to be improved then offer a solution or suggestion on how to fix it, so here is my idea: " When someone opens your application you can have a splash screen that comes up with your AD then have a check box for people to opt out of it". I hope in your next bug release you will implement something like this instead.


while I can understand this is annoying, version 3 was released over 2 years ago and it is no longer possible to make any changes to it in order to fix this problem. The two main issues with this have been fixed in later versions: The ad will no longer take focus away from full screen applications and can be disabled through the regular options, also only relevant notifications will get displayed. I did previously suggest a direct option to disable the notification on the actual notification itself, as this would enable anybody who doesn’t want to get notified to instantly disable it and hope this will get implemented, but it isn’t my decision in the end.
Regarding the T&C, those were automatically generated by Discourse (the forum software) and they seem to need quite a few adjustments, thank you for pointing this out.
If disabling the service doesn’t solve the problem (I am pretty certain it will) we can happily provide a free update for you.

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I bought PDF Architect 4 only last August with every option but OCR. I am being hounded by a pop-up in the right lower corner of my screen urging me to buy PDF Architect 5.

A notice a new release is available is helpful, but constant interruptions of my work when I only bought this software less than a year ago is too much. This kind of frequent intrusion will not improve sales and is not winning PDF Forge any friends.


sorry for the trouble, you can disable the notifications fin the PDF Architect options, to be more specific help->options->general->notification system. I will forward your feedback to our marketing.

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Same sentiments as OP. I paid for v5 and upgraded to v6. Then started getting nagged by pop-ups to buy v6 again (or maybe buy more of it...I only pay enough attention to close the damn Ads.) Almost immediately got pissed off because they not only pop back up within a minute or two of clearing the first one, but they come back at least twice each day. Eventually got pissed off enough to Google for a solution, which lead me to this thread and Robin.W's suggestion on how to disable the Ad. I've just disabled the Notification System in Options->General, so hopefully that takes care of the problem. The second annoying thing about this is that it's not immediately obvious in the program that "Notification System" is what generates those pop-up Ads. It's also not obvious what else gets disabled, if anything, by disabling the Notification System.

I came to PDFArchitect several years ago because I couldn't find an alternative open source program that could quite do everything I want. The price for PDFArchitect was reasonable and so I've been paying it. But I'm not fond of the pricing structure for the last couple of versions and these Ads have got me itching to go looking for an alternative again.

No reply necessary. Just venting and putting my two cents out about highly annoying pop-up Ads in a product I've already paid for. Not cool.

Disabling the Notification System will only deactivate the Desktop offers. There are no other features connected to it. :slight_smile:

For others having the same issue, here is a more detailed guide: How to deactivate PDF Architect desktop notifications

One more vote for changing the annoying popups. I just disabled via Notification System, but I don't know why you would want your customers to have to jump through this hoop. The popups sometimes interrupt another application, causing real-time problems. Any other such ad I've seen for an application I already own comes with a "Do not show this message again" link. How many complaints do you need to get before someone says, hey, maybe all these frustrated customers have a point?

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Plus 1 !

This makes me so upset I could throw my fully paid PDF architect licence to the trash and never use any of your software again.

This is inadmissible !

Plus 1 more.
i had to reinstall win10 and now had to figure this out again. sooo annoying. if this software is ever gong to be popular (ie profitable) it has to stop annoying people who pay iit money. at this point i could never recommend this software

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You have had many chances to fix this over a long period of time and have chosen not to. That's bad customer relations. I am fully up to date with the very latest version 6 and I am getting multiple pop ups per day to update to version 6. You aren't just annoying me - you are annoying me FOR NO REASON! It makes me wonder what other things are totally screwed up under the hood of your software. Do you guys even know how to do anything with software? Should I be worried about the safety of using this software? I don't want to just turn it off - which I will - I want you to understand how utterly stupid you look.

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Here's the guide on "how to deactivate the pop up messages":

The guide will work for PDF Architect 4, 5, 6 and probably newer versions.

If you're still having any problems, make sure to contact the PDF Architect customer service.

I think by now the authors of this program could have figured out that annoying your customers is no way to run a business. This started out with version 3. We're now on version 6 and you're still annoying us. Why? What benefit is it to you? The next upgrade cycle will bring it all back again. There are alternatives out there, you are pushing people to find them rather than stick with your great program.

ETA = does turning off those annoying popups also disable notifications of program updates? I hope not.

In the meantime PDF Architect Pro + OCR and still getting these onprofessional spam popups. Even saying to disable them doesns't do a thing. @Florian tell the developers to leave this out of the picture when you have a paid version... the popups look so "I have Adware on my device" like... beause now I just got a message that my subscription has axpired and it is not even the case... also upgrade messages and I have already such a version.
My subscription expires in april... when there is no update that disables all the commercial r*pe, then it is certain that I will stop my subscription.