Disable Update


it seems there was an issue with the posting, so I'll send it again.


The release notes for 1.4.3 state: "The update check can be completely disabled." (http://www.pdfforge.org/content/whats-new)

What does this mean? Is this related to DisableUpdate as described in http://www.pdfforge.org/content/hidden-settings ? I tried to set HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\PDFCreator\\Program\\DisableUpdate = "1",  but it has no effect, the update buttons are still there and enabled.


Also please unban this site on bugmenot.com. It is very unconvenient that everyone has to register an account and solve the recaptchas (which are impossible to decipher) everytime you want to submit a posting on this site. It would be much easier if everyone who wants to can use the same account. Because I cannot submit the login information on bugmenot.com I'll post it here:

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the update check can be disabled by setting the update intervall to never (0 in registry).

DisableUpdateCheck 1 worked on my machine, but I had to restart the PDFCreator in order for it to be applied.

about bugmenot and sharing accounts:

the problem with this is mainly the spam, if you share your account information publicly, it is VERY likely that somebody will abuse it for spam, resulting in the account being blocked by our spam filter.

We are being spammed quite heavily, so feel free to share an account with people you actually know, but please don´t post logins anywhere since that will result in a lot of spam for us.





After reading your post carefully I tried Software\\PDFCreator\\Program\\DisableUpdateCheck = 1 and that works! However on the hidden settings webpage it says DisableUpdate, which is probably a typo. You might want to fix that.


Also I don't think the spambots are parsing the postings here in the hope of finding logon information. They'll rather create their own accounts.

I have now updated the manual accordingly, you were right that there was the word "Check" missing.

Regarding the spam: We had a phase with about one spam message every two minutes and they were done with humans writing the articles and solving the captchas, so this is not just bots going around. I know the Captchas can be very difficult to read fo humans as well, but for now they are an important piece in our spam protection.