Document keeps opening wrong

Document keeps opening wrong. 

Everytime I convert a document from an Office application (word, excel,…) to PDF creator. 
This document opens, but turns it automatically 90 degrees. 

I’ve already tried to reinstall this, and than it works fine for a couple of days. But after a couple of days this issue is back. 

I’ve installed the latstet version of PDF creator. 

Is there a solution for this issue? 

Thanks in Advance. 



there are several places in PDFCreator to set the orientation of the document:

The first is in profile settings->PDF “Page Orientation”, which is set to auto-detect by default.
The auto-detect doesn’t always work properly though, so it might help setting the desired orientation directly.
You can also try changing the orientation in the settings of the virtual PDFCreator printer (windows control panel->printers and devices).

If this also doesn’t help, you could try using the virtual PDF Architect printer instead, which is part of the free PDF Architect create module. It uses a different technologiy and is better at getting the correct orientation.

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