Don't get a dialoge box to choose where to save


I recently got a computer with windows 8.1. There was no pdf-printer installed and I downloaded PDF creator. No difficulties to install it. When I want to print something (in excel) to a PDF, i can select PDF Creator but when I press 'Print' I don't get the dialoge box where you can choose where you want to save the PDF.

Can somebody help me with this problem? I searched the forum but I didn't find a topic usefull to me.

Hi @zoete

Does anything happen after sending the print job via excel?

Please start the PDFCreator application and see if you're able to print a Windows Test page in Application Settings (gear button) -> Debug.

Hi @Florian

if I press print, there appears a dialoge box for half a second (I presume it is the box witch says "you're document is being printed". Aterwards nothing happens anymore.

Printing a pdfcreator testpage via debug is no problem.
If I press print a windows testpage, it doesn't do anything.


it sounds like this is probably an issue caused by the security settings of your temporary folder, see this article for more information on how to solve it:

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I changed the permissions like you suggested and it worked.
Now I can make pdf's. Thanks!