Download PDF Architect 4 - Symantec Virus Warning

Downloading (not running) PDF Architect 4 gives this from Symantec Endpoint Protection:


Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan
Event: Risk Found!
Security risk detected: Suspicious.Cloud.2
File: C:\\DOWNLOAD\\P_D_F_FORGE\\PDF_Architect_4_Installer.exe
Computer: ********
User: ********
Action taken: Pending Side Effects Analysis : Access denied
Date found: Wednesday, October 28, 2015  11:58:24 AM


Currently the offer screen contained in the free version of PDFCreator is causing a problem with Norton/Symantec.
It contains InstallMonetizer, which they detect as PUA (potentially unwanted application), which leads to our entire domain being flagged as “suspicious”. Even though PDF Architect 4 does not contain InstallMonetizer (and it is not a threat in the first place), it gets flagged because it is hostet on the same servers as the free version of PDFCreator. We are already in contact with Norton/Symantec to sort out the situation, the problem should be resolved within the next few days.
You can upload the PDF Architect 4 setup to to have it checked by multiple products and if you trust it is a false alert, it can be recovered from the quarantine within Symantec. If you downloaded it from our servers we can guarantee it is free of any virus/threat/malware/adware/spyware.
Sorry for the trouble.

To restore the setup you may have a look here:

best regards,