Drag & Drop JPGs doesn't work anymore


until this morning drag & dropping one or several JPGs into PDFCreator (both 1.0.0 and 1.0.1) worked fine. Now it simply stopped working. Already reset it to default settings and restarted the machine several times. Also enabled logging, but nothing shows up when I drop the file. I haven't installed any other application in the meantime. Also drag & drop works still fine with any other application. No idea why it won't work anymore, so any ideas what I can do are appreciated.


Update : It seems to be the EXIF information of the file. After it loaded the JPG in a paint program and saved it again, I can drop it. Tested with a few others aswell and it seems to be the EXIF information preventing it.

Update 2 : It's not the EXIF info. I grabbed an 'Exif Stripper' app and run that instead of doing it with a paint program and it still doens't work. The pictures aren't my own, so I'll have a talk with the guy who made them what's going on. I can provide a sample JPG if needed (and to prove I'm not completely nuts ;) )