Dynamics AX - Call PDF Creator

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I would like to be able to call PDFCreator from MS Dynamics AX due to limitations in the PDF creator of AX itself. I found some articles on Dynamics NAV and calling PDFCreator. I also found some articles talking abount a PDFForge.DLL (.NET) to use. But I can't seem to find anything more specific.


Is it possible to do this ? Is there a .NET component I can atttach to AX to achieve this ?


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Gerard Verbruggen


We are using PDFCreator with AX2012R3 for scheduled batch printing only (those recurring jobs defined and scheduled directly on the batch server) but are looking at more interactive use cases. For batch printing we didn't need anything special other than the PDFCreator Server product installed on the batch AOS.

I'm currently struggling to determine what I would need for interactive printing. We access AX via Citrix so I think it's probably a combination of PDFCreator Server on the AOS and PDFCreator Terminal Server/Citrix on the Citrix server.

As you well know, printing from AX is convoluted at best.