Edit & Review Tools: dimensions & scales

I work in construction, developing technical solutions, and receive most of my input data in the form of PDF drawings. I used to have a copy of PDF Creator which included review and edit tools that genuinely allowed me to mark-up drawings with my ideas and issue them for discussion. In particular these tools included the ability to measure dimensions using the scale of the particular drawing, and to include scaled dimension arrows. This was a very useful capability of the programme.

When PDF Creator was changed to become essentially just printer software, it lost these tools and I decided to buy PDF Architect assuming that it would have the full set of editing tools. I should have checked more thoroughly before buying, as I am disappointed to find the editing and review tools are very basic and do not include any recognition of drawings scales or dimensioning tools. I feel that I have wasted my company’s money. I cannot imagine why these tools are not included, since pdfforge clearly have them available, and they are so useful.

pdfforge comment?

Does anyone have this frustration and do you know if these tools are still available with pdfforge. Alternatively does anyone know of any other software that would include these tools without paying the extortionate annual licence fee for a full-blown version of Adobe?


PDFCreator (by us, pdfforge) has always been a virtual printer and never included any measurement tools.
Do you perhaps mean PDF Architect? PDF Architect contains a “ruler” and a “grid” tool, but I am not sure if those are enough for technical construction drawings.
Or could it have been software by a different company, as the name PDFCreator is to general to reserve rights for it?
E.g. if it was PDF Creator with a space in the name, it wasn’t our product.
If you purchased our PDFCreator or PDF Architect within the last 30 days and aren’t happy with your purchase, just let us know and we will give you a full refund.

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Hi Robin
Thanks for the quick reply. It took me by surprise as you may imagine. The product I used previously dated back about 4/5 years and had the same name. However I have not been able to find it online with searches. The ruler and grid tools in pdfArchitect are of limited value. The tools that I referred to (extracting and dimensioning measurements on technical drawings, using the drawing scale) are particularly useful and represent a very light CAD capability which means that an engineer/architect can easily mark up a drawing with useful technical information withouit having to resort to much more expensive CAD packages which require more time and training.
Perhaps it may be a market opening for pdfforge?
Thanks again