Editing scanned PDF documents

Hello, I am new to the forum and trying to determine if this product would work for my company. I am sorry if this has been answered but I tried to do a search of the forums and didnt find anything.

We scan a number of documents to PDF and are looking to edit them. These documents are 99% text based and are scanned in as one batch - say a 100 pages and we are looking for a program that can separate the batch into multiple different PDF and make slight edits to each.

Thanks, MYK


sorry for the late response. In case you are still looking, PDF Architect should be able to handle this. Is the scanning as batch already handled by another application and if yes, does this use OCR (optical character recognition). If not, you will need the OCR and edit module for PDF Architect in order to be able to edit the scanned text.

Best regards