Editing the pdd: custom printer settings and paper sizes

Hi All,

First let me say thanks to all the people who have made this wonderful piece of software. If it's going to be implemented at work I'll sure tell my management to make a serious donation :wink:

I do have a question though about editing the pdd file (PDFCREAT.PDD) I combined my two post from the open sicussion board and posted here, it's really more of a help issue.

I am using version 1.0 on windows xp pro.

First I would like A3, A4 and our custom paper size (80x30 cm) the ONLY papersizes to be available. I almost managed to get this done by editing the pdd file.

The selection dropdown now looks like this:

Well this screenshot says it all:

  • The only option available should be to select the paper size
  • The other options in the red rectangle should not be available to the user
  • The postscript custom page size should not be available
  • The default paper size should be 80x30

Question number 1:
How do I remove the postscript custom page size option from the dropdown ?

Question number 2
How do I make the "graphic" and "document options unavailable ?

As for the paper size the section in the pdd now looks like this:

I set all the defaults in the pdd to 80x30 Γ‘nd set all the defaults in windows to 80x30. Still it reverts to the custom ps as default.

Ok so then I edited the pdd file to this:

And the settings dialog looks just like I want it. Only three papersizes available and 80x30 is default:

Printing to A3 and A4 works fine, 80x30 is a problem though.
The problem is this:
My flash application sends a print request to the OS, the user sets the paper size and clicks the print button. Now the flash application receives the pagewidth and pageheight parameters from the OS.
(the content that is to be printed is scaled and rotated according to these parameters)

==This is the actual problem==
When printing to 80x30 flash receives:
pageWidth = 612
pageHeight = 792
(these are "letter" dimensions if I'm correct ?)

When this should be:
pageWidth = 2268
pageHeight = 850

The pdf produced by pdfcreator is 800x300 mm (2268x850) but the content is scaled/rotated according to 612/792. When printing to pdf with cutepdf flash does receive 2268/850 and prints correctly.

Oh and I also added this to the "Basic capabilities" section in the pdd:
*VariablePaperSize: True

Note: 80x30 was defined in the windows "printer server settings" before installing pdfcreator

Thanks in advance for your reply.