Email and save

My wife uses PDF Architect and Creator quite a bit.  (Architect has all modules paid.)  A recent update to Creator changed the operation and we’re hoping someone can point us to a setting to fix it.

Here’s how it used to work:
1. Print a document and select PDFCreator
2. That snazzy popup appears where she can set a filename and other paramters.  It has an email button amongst the others at the bottom of the popup.
3. She gave it a filename and then clicked Email.
4. A file save dialog would popup, she would select the location and click OK
5. An email would open with her file attached.
6. A copy of her file would be saved in her selected location.

But now step four and six are not happening.  Is it possible to get them back?  She needs to send these PDFs as emails, but she also needs to save copies in an organized manner, not scattered throughout her email Sent Items folder.  And she already works long, hard hours, so cutting out the steps to do this manually would be very helpful. 

I have looked through all of the settings that I could find, but some of them are not exactly intuitive and I cannot figure out how to get both the Email and the Save dialog to occur.  Any suggestions?




there is a work around for this, but I agree this won’t be obvious by looking at the settings.
In order to get the save dialog and the email client opening automatically, you can enable the “open email client” action under profile settings->actions. This way, you will have the regular workflow with the save dialog and also have the email client opened with the created document attached to it.
This will always open the email client though. If only some of the created PDFs will get sent by mail, you could create a new profile with this setting and a new printer which uses this profile, so you will have i.e. a regular “PDFCreator” printer using the default profile and a “PDFCreatorEmail” printer using the profile with the “open email client” action enabled.

best regards

That works, and with the added benefit that I see that I can also stop the document from automatically opening in PDF Architect. 

Thank you very much!