Embedded Fonts - Set default to TrueType instead of Type 1

PDFCreator version 1.7.2, GPL Ghostscript 9.10, Windows XP SP3 32-bit

We have setup PDFCreator to be a Network Printer and checked the Embed all Fonts option on the server.

When we setup the Local PDFCreator Printer using the default settings then Type 1 fonts are embedded in the PDF file (which we don't want).

But if we change the local printer settings to:
TrueType Font = Download as Softfont TrueType
Font Download Option = Automatic
then TrueType fonts are embedded in the PDF which is what we want.

However we don't want to have to manually change these settings on EVERY local computer (there could be lots) so is there we can programmatically/automatically change the default settings?

Thanks Chris

Hello Chris,

I'm also looking for the same. If u got any solution for it please let me know.


I still need to do some research, but maybe it's possible to implement this as a group policy. Then it could be made available with one of the next PDFCreator Professional versions. Unfortunately we no longer support version 1.7.2.

Kind regards Frank