Error 481 with version 0.9.8

I use Windows Vista 6.0 Build 6002. I had tried to install version 0.9.8 with Vista a few months ago, and because of freezes and message errors reverted to version 0.9.5 which eliminated the problems.

I tried version 0.9.8 again 2 weeks ago, and came across new issues. When I try to print a web page, I get the Error # 481 (Incorrect image), Modul: modMain, procedure: Startprogram, Line :51720. and can't find a way around it. The pages remain in the print stack though, and if I reboot and reopen pdfcreator, I can eventually print them... There must be a better solution.

Could it be due to conflicts with other embedded Microsoft routines?

Thank for your help and keep up with the good work

All the best,