Error 481


Everything was worrking fine and now I'm getting this error code.  States it's an invalid picture. But it's the same document I've been turning into a .pdf all day (had some changes - but the pictures haven't changed).


Can anyone help?




I am having the same problem. Did you get it fixed?

I am also having the same problem.  Help!

I occasionally have the same problem. On the latest occasion today, I:

1. closed Word

2. deleted all the documents in the print queue for pdfcreator

3. reopened Word - and pdfcreator worked.

hello, same issue here with v1.2.0 since yesterday. we use a lot of citrix terminalserver with w2k8 and xenapp 5.0. Yesterday all was fine, today we have the error 481 (invalid picture). Restart, Temp Folder Security and a complete Reinstall... nothing helps... :( looking forward to v1.2.1 on may 18th.

the workaround (open PDF Print Monitor at first) works but is not a solution for our users.

If there a guru who have a solution, we would be very happy!

thanks and a nice weekend to all stressed admins around the world... :)