Error 75 Path/File access error

Hi everybody,

Great thanks for the new version. I asked my admin to install it on 3PCs.  It works for the other 2 desktops but not for mylaptop.

I have the following message"Error 75 Path/File access error"

And when looking at pdfCreator log, the next one :

17/02/2010 18:05:45: PDFCreator Program Start

17/02/2010 18:05:45: Windowsversion: Windows XP 5.1 Build 2600 (Service Pack 2) [TerminalServer WinXP WinXPProEdition WinXPSP2 IsWinXPPlus IsWinXPProEdition]

17/02/2010 18:05:45: InstalledAsServer: False

17/02/2010 18:05:45: MyAppData: D:\\Documents and Settings\\S072163\\Application Data

`I searched for similar answers on the forum. Although I saw the same initial message, I did not  see a log similar to mine.``

`How should I interprete the log ?`

`Have you suggestions to solve my issue ?``

`Great thanks for any feedback`

`Kind regards. Mister Red