Error 91(Object variable or With block variable not set)

I am using version 1.0.0 and am getting an error 91 lots of times when going into the settings. The error log for this message is:

PDFCreator 1.0.0 - Error message
          Error-Nr:    91 (Object variable or With block variable not set)
          Modul:    frmMain
          Procedure:    CreateMutexIfNecessary
          Line:         50010
          Date/Time:    05-25-2010 / 12:18:13
 Windows 2003 5.2 Build 3790 (Service Pack 2)
  [TerminalServer Win2003Server IsWinXPPlus]


Does anyone know what is causing this please? The reson I went into the settings was because the output was not being produced unless a certain user was logged into the server. The software was installed in server mode with autosave enabled. I have this running on other sites with earlier versions of the software without any problems but the earlier versions would not install in this server and a forum entry for the same problem suggested installing version 1.0.0


Thank you for that. The new version has resolved the problem of only printing when the user is logged in but it has introduced another. In the auto save option it is no saving the file location. It is saving the filename but if we change the location, come out of the setting program and back in the location has reverted to the default.

I can't confirm it. I activated AutoSave and set an autosave directory and clicked on save. I tested ist without any problems. The file is in the autosave directory. I started PDFCreator again and choose another autosave directory and clicked on save. Than I printed something and this file is in the new directory.

Please download the preview of version 1.0 again. (I've uploaded a new version today.) What happen now? Please report any results.

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Can you please confirm the download path? I have used the same path as before but I am not sure the binary is different.

Yes, you can use the same download path: The old file is replaced.

Hi Frank

I had asked Dave to raise this for me, but he is now on holiday.

The problem is recreatable on our installation. We set the autosave directory, and can successfully save a pdf to that directory. If I go back into setting again, the auto save directory has been saved. However, if I close pdf creator, re-open it ang go back to the settings, the directory has defaulted back to C:\\PDFs\\\\\\.

Any suggestions?


Hello again

I have got around this by editing the registry setting AutoSave Directory under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Should this be necessary?