Error code 5 received when installing PDF Creator

I received Error code 5 when installing pdfCreator version 1.2.3.  The message said it could not install Windows/system32/pdfcmnnt.dll.  I chose to Ignore the problem and the program installation seemed to complete OK.  What does the mentioned dll do and what are the consequences of having completed installation without this dll?




it's a new installation or have you an older version ?

I think a processus lock the file and it can't be replace, but i don't know if it's the same version of file

you can try this : restart the computer, rename the dll file and retry the installation of pdfcreator

Begon thanks for replying. 

I had uninstalled and reinstalled version 1.2.3.  Maybe the uninstall left the dll in place but without write permission it couldn't be overwritten. But if so, it didn't really need to be replaced, which explains why my system works.  Maybe system engineers need to look at the uninstall process and also improve the error message to explain that the dll is already there.   

Hi, I had installed an older version of pdfcreator.  The same error code came up when I tried to install this newer version.  I ignored the error, but now pdfcreator is not able to work. I tried reinstalling pdfcreator again and the same error messge DeleteFile failed;code 5 is shown. Can't use pdfcreator now in my pc.  How do I get the pdfcreator to function?