Error code 800f0242

Since upgrade to PDF Creator Server 2.4.2 (and also with 2.4.1) our eventlog showes every time users logon to their session the following message:

The print spooler failed to import the printer driver that was downloaded from \MYPRINTSERVER into the driver store for driver PDFCreator. Error code= 800f0242.

The driver I've found is still the old one from 2020-04-29

Is it a known bug ?

Has no one any idea ? Seems there is no issue on working but the eventlog is full filled with these messages :frowning:

Hi Inga,

on the machine with the installed PDFCreator Server do this:

  • Open the certificate manager (Manage computer certificates).
  • Go to "Trusted Publishers\Certificates" and export the pdfforge certificate.

On the client machine:

  • Import this certificate with a double click (as an Administrator)

That's it.

As a business user, you can get priority support here:

Best regards


Hi Frank,

thank you for your reply. What I've seen is, that our certificate has expired on 06/15/2022. Is there a way to renew it ? Updating to 2.4.2 has no effect.

Kind regards


After the update, please go to the C:\Programme\PDFCreator Server and extract the latest drivers using this command:

PrinterHelper.exe extractto -path="C:\Temp\PDFCreatorDrivers\

Double-click the file and locate the certificate:

Select 'Details' and export the new certificate.

The new certificate can be imported on the clients using different ways: